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Our Mission:
To create a retail catalog of quality, entertaining, educational products to extend the museum experience into the home while, at the same time, supporting and improving the financial position of our non-profit member institutions.

Our Commitment:
The Museum Tour Catalog assists parents and educators. The catalog features quality, educational toys and museum gifts that stimulate curiosity, provide aesthetic pleasure and enhance the joy of learning. The catalog's enticing products are pieces of a "hands on" museum parents can take home.

Our Museum Members:
All products are selected by museums, aquariums, science centers, and educators for their ability to involve children in thought-provoking and creative problem-solving. (A great number of schools and camps nationwide find our interactive products useful for their group activities.)

Twenty-two national science centers, zoos, and aquariums and a host of some of the nation's top manufacturers have joined together to fill our catalog with award-winning, educational products that extend the museum experience into the home.

For a full list of our museum members click here.

Our Focus:
We focus on the arts and science. The catalog caters to a niche market of highly educated consumers and educators nationwide.

Though many adults purchase educational and inspirational products from their local museum gift shops, not everyone can travel nationally to peruse all of the centers. Our catalog features the sort of items one could find in museum gift shops.

Learning is a Family Affair.
Throughout history parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents have taken on the responsibility of insuring that their children become contributing members of society. The training tools they used were found in the kitchen, garage, and farmyard. Today, living in cities and competing globally in a rapidly changing scientific and technical world, we need modern props to assist our children's learning.

Learning is Fun!
Need help creating fun, educational opportunities that won't burden you with volumes of facts or complicated instructions that can't be deciphered? The Museum Tour Catalog was created to make it easy for adults to create enjoyable learning opportunities for children.

Our Awards:
Since its inception in 1995, response to the Museum Tour catalog has been overwhelming. In 1998 and 1999 the catalog was the proud recipient of both the 1998 and 1999 Parents' Choice Award as well as the 2001 Gold and 2002 Silver Award from the Direct Marketing Association in the Children's Category.

Now published annually, the Museum Tour Catalog reaches 2 million homes.
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